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Supported devices

There are a lot of types of devices which can spot their location and which are designed to fulfill other additional functions as well. There are also many ways to deliver the information from these devices to the computer.

Depending on purpose of function Navis 2 system divides devices in the following types:

  • Trackers (devices that can deliver information online)
    • Used for logistical purposes (frequent polling, uninterrupted tracks)
    • Used for guarding purposes (interrupted tracks, ability to operate in off-line mode for long time)
  • Loggers (no possibility to deliver information online, only when connected to a PC)
  • Personal trackers (portable trackers, cannot be installed on an object under control permanently)


There are following ways to deliver information from devices to Navis 2 system:

  • Via computer networks (http, tcp, udp, ftp, e-mail and other)
  • Via mobile communication networks (csd, sms, voice call, ussd)
  • Via interface buses (usb, com, Bluetooth)