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Software system structure

Navis 2 informational system consists of the following interacting modules: server software (server), DBMS, client software (client) and monitoring devices.


Server software fulfils the following functions:

  • Database connection (information uploading and saving)
  • Information processing (analysis, compression etc)
  • Clients connections management
  • Receiving and processing the data from remote monitoring devices

The server requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4. During the installation a window appears, telling it is necessary to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4. Otherwise the application will not operate. The server supports both Windows 32 and Windows 64. A special utility program is used for server configuring. Server configuration and setting are fully described in the corresponding manual (see Manual for installing and configuring of Navis 2 server).


The server stores all the information in a database through connection to the MySQL DBMS. The server requires MySQL version 5.2 or higher.


Client software is installed on the user's PC and connects to the server via Internet or local network.

Functions of the client:

  • System objects managemen
  • Visualization of objects and events on the map
  • Reports generating

Download the latest version of NAVIS 2 program on Robosoft website download section.

GPS monitoring module

A mobile module can be set on any movable object location of which you want to control. Currently we support the following types of devices: