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Creation and settings of a monitoring server

A monitoring server is a virtual object created in the Navis 2 server memory to:

  • serve client connections;
  • receive the information from monitoring devices;
  • connect to the database.

In order to create Server click “+” button.

There can be as many monitoring servers as a user needs. It is necessary to adjust the http address which will be used by a monitoring server to receive client connections. The address should be indicated in the following way: http://localhost:port/path/

For each server it is possible to adjust a maximum number of simultaneous client connections and maximum number of monitoring objects. Connection (creating) attempt exceeding the designated value will be declined. Using a settings flag you can also disable or enable the option of keeping the events log for the indicated monitoring system. While being started, a monitoring server connects to the database; the database connection setting should be adjusted separately.

Click «Setup» button in order to open the settings window and/or database creation.