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Adding and adjusting of monitoring devices server configurations

Each monitoring server is adjusted to receive the data from remote monitoring devices that are programmed to transfer the data to the indicated server. Usual transporting methods for server messages are network packets (e.g. TCP or HTTP connections), but other types of connections are possible if the devices support the required server configurations (e.g. for MTK loggers it is possible to operate in the mode of transferring data to the server through USB port).

                                                   Click “+” button in order to add needed configuration.

It is possible to adjust the server to receive the data from the following devices:

  • 3S (TCP)
  • TR-203 Globalsat (HTTP)
  • MTK (USB)
  • Piligrim (HTTP)
  • Teltonika (TCP)
  • Novacom

To adjust the server it is necessary to add the required configuration to the active list and to use the appropriate settings (e.g. for TCP connection one should indicate TCP port that will be used by devices to send the information about their status).