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Access features

Operation of the program involves the automation of complex and distributed information system, which requires dividing visibility of the objects. Objects can be combined on any criterion (feature) (e.g., by location) to make it comfortable managing them (access management, tracking). Access feature management is carried out by the system, he creates (View > Access features) Access feature and assigns it to the Group of access using Access groups panel. Access features can be applied to the following types of object:

  • Tracking devices
  • Tracking objects
  • Employees
  • Routes
  • Users
  • Contractors
  • Assignments

For example, company includes ten branches, operator of each branch should have access to the information related to his branch only, but at the same time, administrators should have access to the information on all ten branches (e.g., for objects editing and creating of a consolidated report). In this case it is necessary to add as many access features as branches needed to be separated (10 access features for ten branches).