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NAVIS 2 client-server program is an informational system of location control, proven on the market of GPS monitoring software.

NAVIS 2 is a powerful multifunctional system designed to control the location of transport for medium-sized and large-scale enterprises. The system allows you to prevent illegal use of a vehicle, deviation from the designated routes, fuel draining, cooling systems halting etc. It allows you to control the completing of track tasks and following the routes, to control the order of specific zones visiting.

The system supports different types of monitoring devices. By using the system you can get up-to-date and accurate data about the location, speed, the distance covered by the object under control etc. Depending on the device and its configuration the data can be transmitted both in real-time mode and while the device is connected to the computer. Apart from data collecting, NAVIS 2 allows you to operate the devices connected to the program (to customize loggers, trackers and other transport monitoring systems, to set commands and to send requests) via USB, through SMS or via CSD or GPRS.

NAVIS 2 program allows you to work with vector maps of .ncm format (Navis Compiled Map), which are supplied with the application. There is an option to use raster cartographic data from external cartographic sources. The program also supports a range of lateral vector (.mp) and raster (.ozi) formats. It allows you to download the most up-to-date cartographical products thus facilitating monitoring process of vehicles in small population places that have no detailed vector maps.

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