Routing in Navis 2

It will be hard to miss the new innovative functionality in the Navis 2 GPS tracking system interface of the  terminal that appear with the upcoming update (version 2.024) - The ability of effective optimization of the route in auto mode.

The basis of the innovation is a major revision of the "Robosoft.GIS.Core" GIS component , which is the most expected expansion of functionallity among Robosoft's clients and partners. New feature of Robosoft.GIS.Core will not only empower Navis 2 by adding the functionality of automatic planning of efficient route, but will also provide the basis for new software solutions of the third-party develepoers that use "Robosoft.GIS.Core" mapping component (GIS API): this functionality can be used in any software, where you need to calculate the most efficient route from point A to point B by taking into account a number of intermediate points.

The new feature of Navis 2 GPS tracking system will have a various uses depending on the type of business which uses Navis 2, but it wil provide the ability of autoatic optimization in every case, which will lead to fuel economy, time economy etc. as a result. It will also make it possible to automate all the business proccesses of dispatch centers, e.g: manager of emergency services can easily determine which of the available crews are closest to the place (including those that are on their way, not at the base) and, if necessary, send them to the patient, while pointing out the shortest route, which takes into account the traffic rules.