Navis 2 (v. 2.023) is already available for users

The new version of GPS tracking system contain a reange of enhancements:

- working via proxy-server (including raster maps requesting - Google maps, Bing map, OSM etc.)


- map of Dnipropetrovsk is updated (new streets and driveways, and also address layer is updated)


- new mechanism of task execution is added to the server (job configuration)


- mechanism of displaying events on a map (a long-lasting events are also displayed with point-events) is enhanced


- new type of sensors "logical" added, it makes it possible to count the number of some action (eg. engine on/off)


- new reference book type added “logic sensors’ condition”, elements of the reference book is descriptive representation of the sensor values of logical types (eg, a value of 1 – engine started , 0 – engine stopped)

The newest version of Navis 2 is available in the Download section.