Ambulance in Dnepropetrovsk is equipped with a GPS tracking system

In July 2011 ambulance in Dnipropetrovsk was equipped with Navis 2 GPS tracking system delivered by Robosoft LLC.

GPS tracking equipment has been established on 77 ambulance vehicles, staff is instructed on how to effectively use Navis 2 dispatch terminal in regards to ambulance management. The headquarter of the ambulance service in Dnepropetrovsk has set the following tasks for Navis 2:

  • Monitoring the location and movement of vehicles;
  • Reducing the cost spent for fuel by fuel consumption control;
  • Control the speed of reaction in order to reduce the time spent between the call and the departure of ambulance brigade;

The equipment of ambulance by GPS tracking system is aimed at improving the quality of emergency care that is a priority in improving the health care system.