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Navis demonstration video

NAVIS Using logger (i-Blue 747)

NAVIS Work with the track

  • using the configurator MTK
  • configuration logger
  • connection logger
  • object registration
  • setting the track record
  • reading the log (memory device)
  • reflection of track (pointing of period)
  • time, date, direction, speed of the object
  • information about parking / standing
  • editing data object
  • indication of the parameters of the tracking speed limits
  • display onthe map segments of speeding
  • menu track
  • operative work with the current set of filters

NAVIS Work with the map

NAVIS Work with the windows

  • opening the panel with map
  • working with external sources of maps
  • working with maps Google, Mapia, Visicom
  • use ruler to measure the distance
  • changing the color settings when working with maps
  • work with marks
  • symbols of marks and aditing
  • working with several panels maps
  • use custom settings
  • setting toolbars and other windows of Navis
  • tracking device
  • track objects
  • windows events
  • fuel
  • drivers
  • compact grouping of windows and panels
  • create tabs

NAVIS Using filters

NAVIS Zone create

  • filter stops
  • filter lack of data
  • filter accumulation points
  • creation and use of individual parameters to filter data track
  • switching modes filtration
  • work with zones
  • adding name and address of the zone
  • specifying coordinates and geometry of the zone on the map
  • creating polygon boundaries
  • display zones on the map
  • visualization track based zoning

NAVIS Work with the reports

NAVIS Settings

  • create a report of the movement
  • reporting period
  • export reports to .xls or .pdf files/li>
  • сreate a report of all objects
  • user interface
  • language and its tuning
  • coordinate format
  • display hints
  • configure local maps (path, mapping, etc.)
  • connect and configure external maps
  • database (create a new database, switch between them)
  • scheduler