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GPS trackers

Navis GPS monitoring system is able to work with different GPS tracking devices within the same workspace. At the moment Navis supports up to 30 different devices for GPS monitoring.
Online GPS trackers
GPS trackers
Personal online trackers
Online GPS trackers have online data transferring function via a built-in GSM transmitter (GPRS, CSD Call, SMS).
are used to monitor the personnel (salespersons, promoters, merchandisers etc.) and to control the location of relatives (children and seniors), pets and cargos.

- Teltonika GH1202, GH3000
- GlobalSat TR-203, TR-206
- Queclink GL100
- Novacom eLoc GL100
- 3S-GX

Vehicular onilne trackers
Offline trackers/GPS loggers
connects to the vehicle’s power supply. Depending on technical possibilities of a particular device (analogous and/or digital inputs/outputs) connecting to on-board sensor or other equipment is possible.
Together with the Navis software a GPS tracker allows to manage, control and record moving of vehicles, to arrange a voice communication between a dispatcher and drivers, as well as to enhance the safety of vehicles, cargoes and drivers.

- Teltonika (FM 4100/4200, FM 2100/2200)
- Novacom (GNS-tracker, GNS-mini tracker)
- 3S
- Piligrim (S24, S29, S329, S329M, Piligrim Stealth, Stealth-G, Piligrim Patrol-- - T(TT), Piligrim 6000S)
- Road-Key
A GPS logger registers satellite signals and records the received information to the internal memory. To download and analyze the data just connect to a PC via USB or Bluetooth.

- Transystem inc. (i-Blue 747, i-Blue 747 A+, i-Blue Photo Mate 887, i-Blue Pro)
- NCS-Navi
Adjusting for a new device -
2-4 weeks.