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Those developers who wish to use LBS or mapping visualization in their software products will definitely be interested in using Robosoft.GIS.Core library package that implement GIS API. Cartographic programmer interface (API) allows a developer to integrate easily a vector map into any WinForsm.NET application. They get a wide range of options to resolve any location control issue.
Performance capabilities:
  • displaying of vector maps in the .ncm format
  • cartographic projections: Mercator, spherical
  • raster data application from open sources
  • displaying and optimizing of any user objects
  • address search: direct (location by address) and reverse (address by location)
  • routing based on crossroads restrictions
  • high speed of data displaying
  • high speed of maps loading (due to partial loading to memory)
  • possibility to change map styles and loading order etc.
  • possibility to apply any number of maps
  • external vector formats support (coming soon)
  • contains samples and open source code

Secure API

The load library is protected by a hardware lock. Some of license and data encryption functions are available through API. All these factors provide the possibility to create an effective protection of information and applications.