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The functionality of the Navis GPS monitoring system provides the complex solution for the dispatch centers of companies that need a high-quality control of their vehicles, employees and cargoes moving.
Maps supported:
  • Own vector maps in *.ncm format
  • Vector maps in .mp; .txt
  • Raster maps OziExplorer
Navis’ main functions:
  • Object location, speed and direction control online
  • Track, speed and direction displaying on the map
  • Recording and displaying time and place of alarm messages on the track, as well as alarm button or sensor activation or any other situation specified for the particular equipment. Determining the travel time, stop over time, departure time and parking period.
  • Division for stop overs and parking including time limits both for the group of objects and for each separate object.
  • Creating and insertion of the control areas, as well as evaluation of the time when the object entered and left the area, as well as the time spent within it.
  • Creating a report form of control areas visiting.
  • Control of the object moving on route, unplanned stop overs control, speeding control.
  • Simultaneous operating of one or several moving objects under control, and displaying them on the map.
  • Remote operation functions: Blocking of the engine, gasoline pump, central locking of doors and windows, sparking etc. if it is allowed by the equipment installed.
  • Creation and updating of the moving record for each object under control.
  • Creating detailed report of the track, stands, speed rate, control areas visiting in any moment of time.
Works with outside cartographic web services such as OpenStreetMap