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For our partners

All the software and cartographic solutions created and delivered by MAPS.UA to final users through close partnership with Ukrainian residents and partners from all around the world.

For autonavigational GPS devices producers and software developers
Due to the reason that Ukraine hosts EURO 2012 and that it is increasingly more often considered as a touristic country, producers of autonavigational equipment need vector maps and navigational materials of high quality. MAPS.UA solutions are the most up-to-date and are delivered to partners in open format. Moreover, we constantly work on updating our cartographic data.

For GPS monitoring equipment producers
The functionality, quality and software operation speed are those advantages that make users admire Navis GPS monitoring systems. At the present moment Navis 2.0 is integrated into and has the opportunity to cooperate with more than 30 GPS monitoring devices. We continue to work on widening the range of supported devices, so we are looking to cooperate with producers of GPS monitoring devices.

For cartographic web-services owners
In order to popularize MAPS.UA cartographic products we have a special offer for cartographic web-services that want to have the access to the most up-to-date cartographic and autonavigational information in Ukraine.

For Internet communities and forums administrators
This year MAPS.UA plans to launch a new web-product, that will give the possibility of online drawing/editing and viewing 3D maps. That’s why we are looking to cooperate with organizers, administrators and owners of related communities in order to widen the possibilities of cartographic web-services.

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